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A Pawn Shop Reality TV series created for SUPERPAWN in Laurel MD. A shop founded on respect; this series showcases owner Brad the SUPERPAWN team’s dedication to getting the best deals possible for their clients and changing the way people look at pawning.


Pet Me By Dr Hamilton

A Veterinary Reality TV series created for Dr. Hamilton of Annapolis Veterinary and Wellness. The premise of this show follows Dr. Hamilton as she uses her unique talent we call “Seeing eye fingers” a method by which she uses touch to help diagnose and treat her patients


Rap It Up- Baltimore

A competition reality show looking to crown the first motivational Rap Super Star of Baltimore. In this series we had local rap hopefuls share their original motivational and inspirational raps for other locals to vote and help choose a winner.


The Green House Effect

An innovative community funded program we designed to aid Foster children. This program would create a facility called Paradise where Foster children and qualifying parent/child groups could live, learn, and receive life coach and other support. The end goal being to find homes for the children and help child/parent groups assimilate back into society.


How we do it

We research everything we can about our client and their field of service to develop the best method possible.  We learn about the target market of our client, as well as the company’s short- and long-term goals for growth. We then get to work developing a show concept, We then work with local stations to determine the best time-slot that will give our client the most exposure to their target market. Our production crew will arrive on sight and Our producer will engage clients and with the help of the business encourage customers to be a part of the show. Once we have the footage, Our Post-Production team then gets to work editing down the footage, adding effects and visuals, and organizing the content into the show template we created.

We then put together the needed marketing materials to advertise the show across multiple platforms.

The Results

Hear it for yourself

So what has a reality TV presence done for our clients? For our Veterinary client, after running a couple episodes her phone began ringing off the hook with new appointments and regular clients excited about seeing themselves and their Vet on TV.

This was the first time she had received such a response from any advertising effort, so she signed on for a full year of shows and saw her practice go from a handful of daily appointments, to 15-25 a day.


The shows really get people talking, so in addition to the viewers drawn in from commercials, every week we have new customers featured, and every person featured draws in even more attention to the show as their family and friends are eager for a chance to see someone they know on TV. Since the show is entertaining, those new viewers will continue to tune in and add to the pool of regular viewers every week.

So to put it simply…



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